watercolor of a church, by Alice Meyer-WallaceIllustrated by Alice Meyer-Wallace

On one dark blue midnight in the late summer of 1971, I climbed down the ladder of the Evangelistria, a rusty old tub of a ship, and set foot on the soil of Paros, a medium-size island in the Aegean Sea.

I had been drawn to the island by pictures of many-colored fishing boats and snow-white cubical houses, and was curious about the people who created such beauty. I intended to stay three weeks. I stayed, the first time, five years and have visited often since then, fascinated by the island culture — at once spare and joyous, traditional but alive, pragmatic but grounded in spirituality.

This book is an ode to the culture and the people of the village of Naousa, island of Paros in the Cyclades, Greece, as I knew them.

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