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To celebrate writing, Beth and Jenni did a timed writing exercise. First, they blindly pointed to four words in the dictionary: osprey, schnitzel, red bird, and fixer. They then had ten minutes to write a short poem or prose. Here's Beth's:

There was a little osprey,
her name was Dixie Kim.
She saw a hunky red bird
at the local gym.

She said, "He's such a hottie.
I'll show him I can cook.
She looked for something special
in her German cooking book.

Dixie made some schnitzel.
She grabbed a can of beer
and took it to the local gym
and looked for Hunky Dear.

She saw him on the treadmill.
She twittered and she blushed.
She took her yummy feast of love
and to the bird she rushed.

She tripped on someone's barbell
and tore her ossie wing.
Red bird saw the accident
and began to sadly sing.

Sweet ossie, do not worry.
I brought some strong elixer.
And then he fluttered to her side
and set about to fix her.

He carried Dixie in his wings.
"You aren't heavy in the least."
"You're my hero," Dixie sighed,
and then they ate their feast.

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