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When Beth was a teenager, she made a list of things to do before she died, including sky-diving, flying a hot-air balloon, riding an elephant, and hopping a freight train. By the time she was 20, she'd done most of them. It was only fitting that when Beth turned 50, she came up with a new list. This one to be accomplished within a week, with the help of her visiting sister.

50 Ways to Celebrate Turning 50...

1. Health. Do 50 push-ups without stopping (first time ever).

2. Children. Bring treats to kids at the women's shelter.

3. Art. Beautify a spot in the city with chalk "graffiti."

4. Dance. Create a goatherd dance!!!

5. Books. Read in an unusually fun or comfy place

6. Singing. Have others join in one-of-a-kind harmonizing of Johnny Appleseed

7. My Doggy. Go on "Dog's Choice" walk with Molly 

8. Tennis. Warm up with Mon Team before last match.  Give out good luck stickers!

9. Piano. Do a little concert!

10. Photography. Take the picture I always meant to…clothesline in evening sun.

11. Antiques. Explore a store to find most expensive item.

12. Film. Watch an old movie (older than me!)  with popcorn.

13. Downtown Houston. Ride the Metro for the first time and explore downtown.

14. Old Houses. Pick favorite old house and leave  "I like your house" note.

15. Spirituality. Experience a new kind at St. John's downtown…or Joel Olsteen!

16. Past Skills.   Try to ride a unicycle again!

17. Memory. Stack up all 40 diaries for photo…have some random readings

18. Travel. Road trip to Austin with Mom and Jennifer.  Play old car games.

19. Flowers. Take photo of a cherished object posed in Texas Blue Bonnets.

20. My Son. Watch the sunrise on TV (as usual) then catch the real one!

21. My Daughter. Play Scrabble in an unusual setting in a new city.

22. My Husband. Let him fix happy hour drink and I'll paddle the canoe!

23. My Sister.   Enjoy some spontaneous IMPROV.  Props and costumes allowed

24. My Mommy. Let her read me a story…or poems…

25. Strangers.   Go people watching.  Give a compliment to a stranger

26. The Deceased. Visit abandoned cemetery and sprinkle flower seeds.

27. Friends in Uniform. Bring lunch to my policewoman friend, Brenda, while she's on duty.

28. Innovation. Track down the Beer Can House and make a tiny toast

29. Food.   Sample Houston's ethnically diverse food.  Sample papussas or Chinatown!

30. Theatre. See the Alley Production of To Kill a Mockingbird

31. Treasures.   Hide a mysterious trinket in a tree for someone to find.

32. Writing. Enjoy timed writing with Jennifer.  Blind point in dictionary for inspiration.

33. Good Friends.   Invite friends to "Come as you are  Happy Hour"!

34. Small things. Make something tiny for the old dollhouse

35. Old Friends. Call someone I haven't spoken to in years.

36. Knowledge. Enjoy a little research of ANYTHING in a library anywhere.

37. Technology. Find out how…then get a  ring tone on my phone

38. Animals. Find animals in country and give them treats.  Maybe the skinny horses!

39. Wealth.   Buy some dollar lottery tickets and share!

40. My feet. Jump rope 50 times, then pamper my feet

41. Jewels.   Dress up in old costume jewelry.  Go out for ice cream wearing it.

42. Communication. Send postcard to stranger.  Hopefully receive p.card from stranger

43. Mystery. Ask Ouija if I really hopped a train once…or go to palm reader

44. The Seedy Side. Experience the world of tattoos by inquiring and observing

45. Decoration. Creatively decorate the car in some way for our road trip.

46. My Older Friends. Bring surprises for Mom's tablemates.

47. Music. Enjoy the S F Austin HS Band UIL performance, and clap the longest.

48. Language. Shop in place where English isn't ordinarily spoken.

49. Wind. Blow bubbles in the wind.

50. Being 50!! Watch and perhaps perform along with Molly Shannon's "I'm 50!"


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