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Eugene Celebration 2013

Even though 85% of its residents are white, Eugene is a town that embraces and celebrates diversity. The floats in the Eugene Celebration parade represent many of Eugene's niche cultures with a competitive explosion of creativity.

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Eugene Country Fair

Dog in Pet Paw-rade

Sunday morning it started raining steadily about 8:30, and it wasn't looking very hopeful for the 10:00 Pet Paw-rade. But Kate and I had planned to take Bailey, and I'd promised to take photos for Greenhill, so when the rain let up at 9:30, we dashed down.

The rain started up again when the parade began and only got heavier, but Eugene's a stalwart bunch, and most stuck it out. I got plenty of photos of cute animals, including a lemur, turtle and snake.

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Kate and I spent a warm Saturday night at the celebration, listening to music and eating good food. Sunday afternoon, when the rain had cleared, I went back down with our neighbor, Kathleen and her granddaughter.

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African dancers



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