Tribute Web Design and Photography in Eugene, Oregon

How I Work

One-on-one design experience. No standardized templates, no automation, no faceless designers. What you get is me. More than just a web designer, I'm also a writer and photographer, with a background in typography and magazine design. All of these skills come into play in the services I offer.

Every design is unique. I work directly with you to come up with a design that reflects the mood you want to convey. I create an initial design, then together we organize the material and choose the colors, fonts, backgrounds, and layout.

Creative process. I don't just take photos and text and throw them onto a site. I delve into the materials presented and try to get a strong sense of the business, person, or event the site is about. I may ask questions, make suggestions, request additional materials. I'll work with you and suggest ideas for making the site more interesting. If you're not comfortable writing material, I can write material. For tribute sites, I can conduct interviews and/or write narratives and biographical histories.

Jennifer MeyerFor those local to the Eugene area, I also offer my services as a photographer. For tribute sites, I can even sit down with you and sort through photos and memorabilia.

Technical details. Supplied prints are scanned and optimized. Photos are enhanced to correct exposure, repair damage, remove red eye, etc. I can create photo collages and stylize photos (soften edges, add borders, colorize...).

For tribute sites, I can host your site for free under or register your own domain name and set up more permanent web hosting. For businesses, I can register and direct domain names and set up email accounts.


"Jennifer really puts her heart and soul into her work. We gave her photos and pages of text, and she turned it into not only a beautiful presentation, but something that truly captured our grandmother's spirit."

Kathy Sullivan



“Jennifer had the patience of a saint with every detail of creating my website. She was reassuring and kind with all of my questions. Flexibility with concern to my ideas was clearly evident in every interaction and her sense of design and beauty was exiciting to watch as the website unfolded.”

Paloma Goldberg