Sally Sheklow

Sally Sheklow

Legendary Lesbian Humor Writer!

Wacky, political, on the edge, Sally’s not afraid to come out and tell it like it is, or like it should be. Long time lesbian activist, improv comedy performer, and former community college writing teacher, Sheklow explores the lighter side of marriage rights and domestic tranquility and pokes fun at everything from the religious right to underarm flab.

Sheklow's observations and laugh-out-loud commentary artfully connect readers to our shared value of liberty and justice for all — emphasis on the ALL. Sally's humor appeals to readers of every sexual orientation.

"My mother hated that I was a lesbian..."
Contessa Vanessa, faux fortune teller
"If you can't dress like a girl, don't come."
"Yeah, baby! Victory is sweet."

"No sooner do we take the Band-Aids off our victory dance blisters than the religious right comes galloping in to smash our disco ball."