Sally Sheklow



Lone Star Press Club Award for Best Magazine Column (2003, 2005).

Best of Eugene Award for Best Local Writer (2006-2007).

From the Editors...

“As always, Sally’s columns match wit with provocative content. Sally was particularly on fire with her terrific columns that address same-gender marriage rights.”

—OutSmart Magazine
Houston, Texas

“Sally Sheklow takes the cake this year for being funny, unpredictable and always playing havoc with stereotypes. We know she's going to be pondering some bit of life through a lesbian filter, and what an imaginative and literary filter it is!”

—Eugene Weekly
Eugene, Oregon

"Sally Sheklow calls up everything from an amused smile to a full-fledged guffaw, along with the occasional thoughtful Hmmmn with her sharp wit and sly storytelling style. Her images are crisp — and seen from a slightly skewed angle that brings every situation into a clearer focus. From the most mundane to the highly political, Sheklow sends it all up with a wiseacre’s attitude and brings it back home with the down to earth energy of a lifelong outsider."

—Euan Bear, Editor
Out in the Mountains (Burlington, Vermont)

"It's been great having Sally's 'Living Out' in our magazine. Her writing is funny and deft, while tingled with meaning. Sally's humor columns have a cozy heart to them, and just seem to ring true, like something we all knew, but hadn't put into words before - especially not such amusing words. Plus, she's easy (and fun!) to work with, and has been most reliable and conscientious with deadlines, correspondence, and the other sometimes dreary minutiae of publishing."

- Ann Walton Sieber, Editor, OutSmart,
Houston's Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Trans magazine


From the Readers...

"Sally's monthly column encourages me to laugh about how society singles some of us out"

"I read Sally Sheklow's column and laughed out loud. A man in the coffee shop looked up at me and then said, 'Oh, I read that. It's funny.'"

"It's so refreshing to see something accurate and upbeat about our lives. Sally Sheklow's column left me with a big smile and hoping for more in the future."

"I am drawn to Sheklow's columns for their warmth, humor, depth and intelligence. She brings me back to those vital human experiences we all share, but from a refreshingly different perspective Her column challenges me not to take for granted the privileges I've enjoyed as a white heterosexual, not to forget the hardships I've experienced as a woman, and to make time for working to make things better in our society. Eugene Weekly could offer me no better reason for going to the newsstand every Thursday"

"I can't tell you how much we enjoy Sally Sheklow's columns! What a gem she is. Thank you so much for bringing her talent and wit to us all."

"Your newest columnist, Sally Sheklow, is a smart, funny, sophisticated addition."

"I like Sally's wit and the normalness of the experience she writes about."

"Every week my Partner and I look for Sally Sheklow's column. She speaks of life in an affirming, empowering way healthily laced with good humor and insight. Why, o why, is her column not in every week? "Living Out" speaks to us, and OF us. Nowhere else in the Eugene Weekly is there consistent affirmation of lesbians in our town. Thanks for your serious consideration of the present imbalance."

"Sally Sheklow's contributions to the Weekly are fabulous. Her column should be a wake-up call to all the narrow minded people in the community."

"Sally's column reflects lesbian life and at the same time is thought-provoking and honest. And it's funny!"

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