Sally Sheklow

Sally Sheklow: the mysteryWho's Sally?

Many people have pondered this question.

Sally Sheklow is a woman of many dimensions...

Is she the out-and-proud dyke activist marching, rallying, and raising a ruckus for Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Queer rights and liberation? You betcha.

Is she the goofball comedy improv-performer, founding member of WYMPROV! and all-out character and costume nut? That too.

Is she the witty lyricist and irreverent parodist with credits ranging from “I’ve Got a Friend in Cheeses” to “The Sound of Lesbians” and beyond? Can’t deny that either.

Sally and partner
Sally(right) and her partner masquerade as alter egos,
Sadie and Abie, at a friend's bar mitzvah.

She’s also an avid organic gardener and an active member of Temple Beth Israel, where she and her partner of twenty years were the first same-sex couple to be married by their rabbi.

They have contributed such illustrious scripts to the synagogue’s annual Purim Spiel (comic portrayal of the Book of Esther) as West Side Megillah, Gidget Goes to Shushan, and Shushan Idol.

On top of all that, Sheklow holds down two actual job-jobs — as a local organizer for Community Alliance of Lane County, a peace and justice nonprofit, and a Portland State University instructor of Women’s Studies and Queer Studies.

As an award-winning humor writer, Sally Sheklow brings her myriad shameless identities to the page. Using her out-of-the-ordinary, out-of-the-closet perspective, she illuminates issues of the day, changes hearts and minds, and, most importantly, whenever possible, cracks you up.

Marshmallow Teeth
Sally, the improv beast.

A So-Cal gal by birth, Sheklow moved to the cooler, calmer, and greener Pacific Northwest in 1971. She makes her home in Eugene with her partner (known affectionately in her writing as “Wifey”), two cats, and undoubtedly several million dust mites.

Sally and Garrison
Sally speaking at the Capitol
With Garrison Kiellor at the
2008 Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop
Speaking at a rally for same-sex marriage at the Capitol. Salem, Oregon, 2005

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