Sally Sheklow

Run It!

More than twenty publications in the U.S. and abroad have entertained their readers with Sheklow’s “Living Out" humor column.

Sally Sheklow is currently cranking out three new “Living Out” columns every month and will write to your format and length. Sally rocks!Some papers opt to alternate “Living Out” with other monthly columns. Or, if you prefer, make Sally's dream come true and run her column every week.

She's happy to submit columns on a one-at-a-time basis. A good way to put your editorial toe in the water is to pick up “Living Out” for National Coming Out Day (October) Gay Pride (June) or anytime you have the room for some good funny writing with a queer take on life, politics, and current events.

What can Living Out bring to my paper?

It's topical.
From Ellen’s “Walk me down the aisle” interview with John McCain, to the Seattle Mariners’ freak out over lesbian fans kissing, lesbian and gay issues fill the headlines. Sally brings a first person perspective and humorous writing style that appeals to both gay and straight readers.

It expands your readership.
As most editors know, it's rare for readers to spontaneously write with praise, so it's significant that non-gay publications carrying Living Out frequently receive letters to the editor from gay and lesbian readers expressing gratitude.

It keeps readers coming back.
If a topic isn't interesting enough to discuss, it's probably not worth reading about either. Sally's column has sparked discussions about media coverage of gay and lesbian lives, courtesy in handling telemarketer calls, and whether being gay matters, among other topics.

It adds variety and diversity.
Living Out lets all your readers know that you honor the rich diversity of your community.

To bring award-winning humor column, Living Out,
to your publication, contact Sally.

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