New York, New York

New York Subways

Chistopher Street stationI love New York subways. Not only is it a fast and low-cost way to get around the city ($2 a ride, or $25 for a week's pass), but it offers a glimpse of what New York City is all about.

All types and classes ride the subway, and you never know what kind of kind of entertainment you might find. Musicians play in the stations as well as in the subway cars. And you might end up having a meaningful conversation with the person next to you (see John on the Subway).

banjo player in subway stationNo longer the dirty, scary underground it was in the 70's, the subway system has really been cleaned up. Not once did I feel threatened or unsafe.

Only twice were we packed like upright sardines, and even then most people suffered amiably.

Subway Map

subway station

I love that in this busy, bustling city, the subway forces everybody to just chill for a while. The warm car rocks and hums. People put on head- phones, close their eyes, and slump into their seats. Meditation New York style.

Each car is this cool little travel capsule. Doors open and suck you in, spit you out at another end of town.

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